We believe that everyone on the planet can do more to learn and live in balance with nature.

We will encourage this by providing education though cultural, natural, sustainable and spiritual experiences for humans with in nature (and a comfortable bed!!)

Learn, Restore and Grow                                                     

Wouldn't you like to wake up in your dream? Being the authentic person you know you are, because you have seen glimpses of you throughout your life. It involves balance and taking time away from the distractions. Time to talk with yourself and learn.

We provide options that will stimulate the mind through culture, historical and natural elements and/or the body through soft adventure and therapeutic experiences. In addition to the unparalled accommodations offered by Eco-Res, our unique offerings leverage the power of the experience to transfer personal insights into enhanced life performance.

Whether you do this through peace and quiet on a bamboo mat, through breathwork, meditation, counselling or guidance from a mentor ~ the result is empowerment for yourself. Life is a journey of gifts and giving. When you feel like to need to have your next personal challenge or reward along the way...consider these options for well being...

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Some of those who inspire us...

Char Sundust is a shamanic practitioner with strong ancestral lineage of medicine work and experiential training. Her love of Spirit and medicine began at her beginning - her work truly is to bring herself into the right relationship with the divine; and her work is to guide and mentor others in discovering the invisible in their own personal culture.

Char's mother encouraged her visions by asking if the ghosts Char began seeing at the age of five were friendly or not. Her mother explained that if the ghosts were friendly they were good allies. If they were not, they were invited to exit. People need to know how to set boundaries, and how to exit a spirit if they need to exit it. One of the things that Char has noticed is that people need support when they are seeing, hearing, or feeling the spirits around them. She had the gift of understanding people around her, and innately knew who was willing to support her, and to help her focus and hone her skills.

At the age of fourteen, Char began her training where she started learning medicine work in the Cheyenne tradition taught by her stepfather. As medicine work has been the focus on Char's life since childhood, she has performed psychic readings for nearly twenty years. In addition, Char is currently a practitioner of shamanic healing art and teaches classes and workshops at the Sundust Oracle Institute, a center for healing and teaching, founded in 2002. Char travels worldwide performing soul retrievals, house blessings spirit readings, and leading student apprentices on shamanic journeys. She guides others to discover the ability of each person to connect clearly, to develop all of his/her senses, to accept the challenge that is rich with contentment of healing and giving and receiving guidance. This discovery heals, loves and teaches in a way that makes a difference in both realities.

Barbara Means-Adams, a Lakota author and story teller was Char's mentor for five years. She later completed her two year apprenticeship with Sheila Belanger, a shamanic practitioner and astrologer.

Sundust is the medicine name given to Char by her first teacher at sixteen years of age after two years of intense training. It is an Apache family name. Visit Char's website


WhiteEagle is a metis (mixed blood) medicine Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, a body of teachings that moved through ancient cultures indigenous to the Americas. She has spent 13 years in apprenticeship incorporating, mastering, and now teaching this ancient body of Medicine knowledge with the founders of Ehama Institute, taking responsibility to assist in again creating cultures of harmony and respect for all of life.

In her lifetime, her journey has included building and fostering circles of people gathering around this wisdom in Europe, the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and in the United States. Her work assists self- development, healing, and a connection to the Hoop of Life. This is accomplished through her fostering of community circles of training, personal ceremonies on the Earth with individuals, and healing ceremonies.

As well, she has worked with organizations teaching about balanced decision making, the medicine way of leadership, visioning, and by assisting them to create work places of deeply dedicated people who feel valued. She takes people and organizations on experiential journeys to establish self-authority, self-respect, and honor for the self, one another and our Earth.

WhiteEagle helped to grow the Ehama Institute in California and lived there for over nine years. The last seven years she has been traveling our Earth carrying this ancient wisdom way. In this last year she founded DanceHammers as an affiliate of the Ehama Institute. She works with those individuals, community circles, and organizations that choose to claim their part in creating the change toward wholeness in human affairs.

Taylor Rivera is facilitator of the Sounds of Ascension workshop events, author of Modern Day Milareppa, and founder of The  Sanctuary.
After a Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 2000, Mr. Rivera experienced his first 'conscious shock' and left his low-frequency lifestyle in Manhattan, New York to head west to Los Angeles. Thus began the 360ļ journey back to his connection with God-Source.

For the next several years, he explored the gnostic esoteric teachings at the Gnostic Center Los Angeles. There he studied and experienced: Samatha Vipassana Meditation, Astral Travel, Kabbalah, Soul Retrieval, Sexual Alchemy, Chakras and Tibetan Rights of Rejuvenation.

During this time, he also received his training as a Medical Qi-gong practitioner and healer, specializing in cancer prevention/ treatments, at The Healing Qi Institute in Los Angeles.
Following a second 'conscious shock' in 2005, Mr. Rivera went on to study with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D and The Four Winds Society specializing in soul retrieval and shamanism.
Through his expanding experiences, Mr. Rivera journeyed to The Oneness University in southern India and was initiated to be able to transfer the energy blessing known as the Oneness deeksha.

Since 2006, Mr. Rivera has trained with Tom Kenyon in the powerful energetic modality of sound healing. During this time, he was also initiated into the Tibetan lineage of the Siddhis Meditation Practice.

Finally, after over thirty years, Mr. Rivera's insatiable thirst for undeniable Truth and verifiable Reality was quenched when he RE-membered his D-12 Avatar self and the original connection to God-Source through the energetic, self-healing techniques of Keylontic Morphogentic Science and the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System of the Azurite Temple of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO).

At The Sanctuary, Taylor Rivera now facilitates weekly classes introducing the Freedom Teachings and Kathara Healing to the rest of humanity. He has dedicated the remainder of this incarnation to assisting all who are ready and willing to RE-member who they are and ASCEND to their rightful place among the higher dimensions.


Jerimiah Molfese discovered his life's path at age16 when he first experienced the power of lucid dreaming as a profound healing tool. By consciously entering the Dream State Jerimiah was able to help his friend heal from cancer. Shortly afterwards, he wrote his first book, a personal guide and narrative, My Adventures in Lucid Dreaming. Upon graduating high school at the age of 18, Jerimiah began to teach the healing powers of lucid dreaming. With a small office space in Boulder Colorado he used a dry flotation tank and the writings from his first book to teach over 500 people how to become conscious within their dreams and to use that experience for healing. Ninety per cent of those who studied with him achieved success with this process. This achievement confirmed for Jerimiah that his natural gifts lie in teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.

He embarked upon a course of study beginning with the hermetic teachings of the Brotherhood of Light. In the next three years Jerimiah completed the 21-book course of study, becoming familiar with the hermetic arts of Astrology, Alchemy and Magic. On his 21st birthday Jerimiah had a serious car accident leaving him with a stroke to the left side of the body along with brain injury and whiplash throughout his spine. He says of this experience:

At that time, the pain and brain trauma I was experiencing led me to believe I would never heal. Doctors told me that I might never recover from such extensive trauma. However, after more than 2 years of depression and sleep deprivation due to pain, I began to recover my ability to meditate and dream lucidly. I used the dry flotation tank to allow my body and mind to truly heal. The environment in the tank allowed me to fully relax, concentrate and begin the healing process through guided meditation and lucid dreaming. As I used the flotation tank regularly, I began to see results without having to use the drugs the doctors told me I needed. I experienced this period of time as a test to determine whether I would have the integrity to use my gifts that I had shared with others to heal myself. I spent 5 years immersed in this healing process. Soon thereafter doors were opened in the healing profession that I could never have imagined possible.

During this time Jerimiah wrote his second book, Manifestation Through Spiritual Power, and also designed the DreamMaker Pyramid Dry Flotation Tank. He then moved to the Yucatan of Mexico where he continued his studies and his work as a healer in the land of the Maya. Within the next 5 years Jerimiah completed his 3rd book, The Seventh Angel. His work with hundreds of people at healing centers throughout the Playa del Carmen and Tulum area gave him the experience needed to design the Egyptian Raindrop Therapy, a method of balancing the energies of the body and relieving pain and stress. At 31 years of age Jerimiah lives in Mexico, is happily married with 2 children, and continues the same path he started as a 16 year old boy.


Martha McCallum, BSc MEDes,
certified Hakomi psychotherapist and Hatha yoga teacher

master herbalist & certified iridologist www.feelyourbest.info


Alberto Villoldo ~ By my mid-twenties I was the youngest clinical professor at San Francisco State University. I was directing my own laboratory, the Biological Self-Regulation Lab, investigating how energy medicine and visualization could change the chemistry of the brain. We were able to increase the production of endorphins, the natural brain chemicals responsible for reducing pain and for creating ecstatic states, by nearly 50 percent utilizing the techniques of energy healing.

One day in the biology laboratory, I realized that my investigation had to get bigger instead of smaller. The microscope was the wrong instrument to answer the questions I was asking. I needed to find a system larger than the neural networks of the brain. Many others were already studying the hardware. I wanted learn to re-program the system. Anthropological stories hinted that there were people around the globe who claimed to know such things, including the Inka in Peru.

A few weeks later I resigned my post at the university. My colleagues thought I was mad, that I was throwing away a promising career in academia. I traded my laboratory for a pair of hiking boots and a ticket to the Amazon. I set off to learn from researchers whose vision had not been confined to the lens of a microscope; from people whose body of knowledge encompassed more than the measurable, material world that I had been taught was the only reality. I wanted to meet the people who sensed the spaces between things and perceived the luminous strands that animate all life. I wanted to study with investigators who knew the energy side of Einsteinís equation E = MC2.

My own journey into shamanism was guided by my desire to become whole. In healing my own soul wounds, I walked the path of the wounded healer and learned to transform the pain, grief, anger and shame that lived within me into sources of strength and compassion. I was able to feel for anotherís pain because I knew what it was like to hurt. In the Healing the Light Body School every student embarks on a journey of self-healing in which he or she transforms soul wounds into sources of power. Participants learn that this is one of the greatest gifts that they will later offer to their clients; the opportunity to discover the power within pain.

I went back to the roots of the Inka civilization itself to collect the vestiges of a five-thousand-year-old energy medicine that heals through Spirit and light. Scattered throughout the remnants of the empire were a number of sages who remembered the ancient ways. I traveled through countless villages and hamlets and met with scores of medicine men and women. The lack of a written body of knowledge meant that every village had brought its own flavor and style to the healing practices that still survived. I traveled to the Amazon and for more than ten years I trained with the jungle medicine people. Later, I trekked the coast of Peru, from Nazca, site of gigantic markings on the desert floor that depict power animals and geometric figures, to the fabled Shimbe lagoons in the north, home to the countryís most renowned sorcerers. In Lake Titicaca, the Sea on Top of the World, I collected the stories and healing practices of the people from which, the legends say, the Inka were born. What I discovered was a set of sacred technologies that transform the body, heal the soul, and can change the way we live and the way we die. They explain that we are surrounded by a Luminous Energy Field (LEF) whose source is located in infinity. The LEF was a matrix that maintains the health and vibrancy of the physical body.

Today, I have come to understand that the experience of infinity can heal and transform us, and that it can free us from the temporal chains that keep us fettered to illness, old age, and disease. Over the course of two decades with the shamans in the jungles and high mountains of the Andes, I would discover that I am more than flesh and bone, that I am fashioned of Spirit and light. This understanding reverberated through every cell in my body. I am convinced that is has changed the way I heal, the way I age, and the way I will die. The experience of infinity is at the core of the Illumination Process, the essential healing practice we teach in the Healing the Light Body School.


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'Only after the last tree has been cut down,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only after the last fish has been caught,

Only then will we realize that money cannot be eaten.'

Cree Indian Prophecy

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