We believe that everyone on the planet can do more to learn and live in balance with nature.

We will encourage this by providing education though cultural, natural, sustainable and spiritual experiences for humans with in nature (and a comfortable bed!!)

Eco-Res believes that the guest experience is the most valuable tool to create success for your hotel

Guests will cherish the memories and lessons gathered during their stay with you - they may choose to recreate the experience through repeated visits or simply pass on the secrets for others to enjoy.

There are clear steps to guest satisfaction

  1. They must be enticed to make the journey
  2. They must be more than happy with the experience
  3. They must carry the message with them

Eco-Res can help your to convey your story and answer questions during the decision making process. The customer needs to find you, have their questions answered and be intrigued to make a commitment to visit.

How can we help?               

We create written content for your property, positioned from the travelers point of view

We visually stimulate with images which allow the customer to place themselves in the experience

We encourage them to read reviews and interact with previous guests and your staff

We can update your website with all these elements and make sure it is reaching your potential audience

We create a follow up plan so you can retain loyal guests

We offer an assessment to review your entire guest experience and provide a detailed action plan for improvements which will lead to increased occupancy and revenue

We prefer to work with independent hotels with a very local focus ~we want to help travelers learn about your experience and share it with others.

Website Reference:  www.garhjaisal.com

PR Reference: Times Square Suites

Visual point of view:


Contact us for more information on our schedule, pricing and references imagine@eco-res.com

The creative team have experienced 100's of hotels worldwide in urban centres and remote environments ~all have attributes which contribute to our philosophy to learn, restore, grow

Hotel Garh Jaisal in Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan, India (300kms from Jodhpur) jaisalmer hotel@eco-res.com

Punta Caracol, Bocas del Toro, Panama (short flight from Panama City)

View from your deck, Azulik, Tulum, Mexico (1.5 hours from Cancun)

hotel photographer  Mick Slivecko 2012

'Experiential travel is the best form of encouragement'
EcoRes philosophy