We believe that everyone on the planet can do more to learn and live in balance with nature.

We will encourage this by providing education though cultural, natural, sustainable and spiritual experiences for humans with in nature (and a comfortable bed!!)

... unique accommodations
... single in kind and excellence
... each with its own personality
... dedicated to cultural enrichment
... committed to conservation
... providing the essence of the travel experience

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What we do...

We are engaged in harmony with compatible lodge owners to deliver experiences which delight guests

Eco-Res helps to develop the facility (hotel, lodge, retreat, resort etc...), the approach and the customer experience for accommodation providers. Our lodge “partners” support awareness of their surrounding ecosystems. This process includes providing travelers with an understanding of the unique cultural, natural, sustainable, spiritual and logistical elements of the lodging.

Eco-Res provides ways and means to enable the following:
~ development of the hotel/lodging experience
~ awareness tools to reach the appropriate guests
~ sales and marketing
~ the entire reservations process
~ staff training and updates
~ customer follow up
This leads to an improved experience for staff and guests. 
The partnership is tailored based on the requirements of our lodging partners.


Property owners who work with us experience increased awareness, lower costs and overall increases in occupany between 10% - 50% per year (depending on location and stage of development).


The essence of our existence is in full circle comfort and customer service ~ this must exist within our organization, with our lodging owners, the guests and staff.

We believe that everyone on the planet can do more to learn and live in balance with nature and culture. We will continue to encourage this by providing education through cultural, natural, sustainable and spiritual experiences for humans within nature. Providing a special space contributes to this.  
Eco-Res is...
~ A team with extensive experience in the travel industry, business development and management

~ Not a travel agency or competitor ~ we are an extension of your team.

~ We provide services which include development, marketing, sales, reservations and relationships unique to your lodging

~ Flexible depending on your needs, we can offer simple reservations technology or “full circle”, end to end support to help improve your business

~ A committed partner, we handpick our relationships and develop strong ties

~ A Global minded company with presence and understanding in worldwide geographies

~ Privately owned and operated

~ A synergy of passionate and customer-focused individuals

Your challenges...

~ understanding how to position your lodging in the global market

~ reaching the right audience for your lodging

~ maintaining good customer service considering the communication challenges that may exist at your location

~ organizing your lodging operation easily without a difficult learning process

~ finding an easy solution to maintain accurate information on your lodging for partners and resellers

~ time delays in providing availability and booking confirmations

~ tracking marketing successes and where your business comes from

~ finding time to implement and update a reservations system

~ maintaining contact with past guests

~ using the tools and resources to grow but keeping costs within your budget

~ do not want to give up your identity as an independent property


What we can provide...

Eco-Res Encouragement

Inclusion on www.eco-res.com
~ A partnership committed to the development of your property with consideration toward sustainability and cultural aspects
~ Notice to affiliate organizations and associations raising the profile of your property and value to
your customers
~ Exposure to targeted and focused markets

...participation in events and education not only for travelers, but also for yoga practitioners, teachers, artists and other eco-conscious individuals and groups

~ Encouragement to improve room occupancy ~ promoting seasonal sales initiatives, customer expectations/satisfactions and group events


Sharing the beauty of your lodging - inside and out

~ Sometimes owners are so immersed in the day to day hosting and interaction with visitors that small improvements or opportunities go unnoticed

...This is where the Eco-Res Assessment is valuable

~ We will experience and review your operation with the guest in mind, using our global lodging expertise and most importantly from a customer service aspect.

...This also includes an understanding of your competition to allow you to gain perspective from other guest experiences in your area

~ You will understand if there are any 'green' initiatives which would be valuable for your community and guests

~ You will receive a full report with suggestions on areas in which you exceed expectations and some that you might want to improve or consider adding

~ This is done with the goal to increase customer satisfaction and improve sales

~ You will have a collection of professional images to use on your upgraded website and in promotional tools for individuals, groups and the travel industry

~ Recommendations will be made for exposure in the form of marketing and social networking participation to attract individual travelers and groups

~ We guarantee you will see results if you implement our recommendations 

~ The decision to incorporate a few or all concepts is yours and we will help you along the way! A happy guest benefits everyone!!!


Eco-Res Web Based Reservations Management System

~ Ongoing, seasonal updates to provide customers current online information
~ Tools to help improve the customer experience

~ Full property management system with accounting and reporting

~ Transaction enablement, commerce, back end operations, reporting, revenue tracking
~ Online customer reservations, including system support, consistent customer service, tracking

Development Considerations

~ opportunities to help with planning for changes and growth, business and land development, operations improvement, new initiatives, including financing

'Pillars' for success: lodge development and feedback ~ technology and customer access ~ communication ~ improved sustainability and awareness of the environment


See a sample of our Eco-Res Web Based Reservations Management System for Garh Jaisal, Jaisalmer Hotel, Rajasthan, India ... ECO-RES SYSTEM

Property owners who work with us experience increased awareness, lower costs and overall increases in occupancy between 10% - 50% per year (depending on location and stage of development)


Eco-Res lodging partners increase revenue due to advance room sales to qualified customers with fewer cancellations


Maximize the productivity of your staff on site


Enhance customer satisfaction ~ more repeat guests and referrals


Minimum requirement to work with us...

~ adoption of Eco-Res Web Based Reservations Management System (some exceptions apply)

~ inclusion on Eco-Res.com to encourage culturally conscious travelers to visit you

Please read the following criteria to determine if we are suited to your property...

To maintain a consistent quality, Eco-Res reflects the following descriptions, does your lodging fit these ideals?:

  • Provide comfortable rooms and common areas that identify with local designs and culture
  • Offer a natural setting that has been carefully preserved and contains indigenous landscaping
  • Endeavour to use local, sustainably harvested and/or recycled building materials
  • Endeavour to use environmentally-sensitive, renewable energy, water and waste disposal system
  • Offer access to excellent interpretation/nature and cultural programs
  • Works in harmony with the local community
  • Is a new or unbranded lodging
  • Provides an above average standard of comfort in guest amenities such as bedding, bath accessories, lounge areas and food and beverage
  • Deliver options that will stimulate the mind through culture, historical and natural elements and/or the body through soft adventure and therapeutic experiences
  • Encourage and stimulate personal insights which can enhance life performance
  • Inspire the guest to learn, restore and grow...to go home different!
  • You would like more guests to share your experience and would like a blend of technology and personal service to make this happen!

We believe that together, we can delight guests even more

If our ideals match yours...let's talk! ... please contact us by email at eco-res@eco-res.com

The world has four corners...  (If you are a lodge owner, please contact Eco-Res for a glimpse of how our worlds can sync!)

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'Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will we realize that money cannot be eaten.' Cree Indian Prophecy


'Experiential travel is the best form of encouragement'
EcoRes philosophy